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OBOReurope is a service offered by Cooperans.

OBOR-Europe aims to raise awareness of the “One Belt-One Road program” (OBOR) in the European Union and to share the opportunities offered by the OBOR to European companies and stakeholders.

The OBOR, also known as the “Belt and Road” initiative, is a Chinese programme whose ambition is to revive the Silk Road -maritime and land routes-, linking China to Europe.

OBOReurope aims to become the benchmark for relations between Europe and the OBOR.

Why OBOReurope?

Although the OBOR is a Chinese program, initiated by  President Xi Jinping in 2013, the OBOR is a unique opportunity for Europe to boost trade with China as well as Central Asia. Despite the importance given to this project by the Chinese authorities, the “Belt and Road” initiative still need to be better understand by European decisions-makers.

The OBOR is considered by some observers as a new Marshall Plan that would modernize the economies of Central and Southern Asia and connect them to a new Silk Road.

Due to its breadth, the OBOR is a long-term project that will take several years or decades to be fully realized. As a result, it can lead to the creation of many jobs in Europe over the next  years.

The OBOR is also a project of peace. Some regions of the Silk Road have unfortunately experienced difficult years especially since the end of the USSR, and have been affected by political instability, terrorism, poverty and ecological disasters. The OBOR and its infrastructures will connect these states to the rest of the world and bring them new prosperity. By participating in OBOR, Europe will be able to share good governance practices with them.

“The Beld and Road” is also an opportunity to strengthen the European Union by launching a new set of  challenges:  more openess towards Eurasia and more exchanges with China.

Thanks to OBOReurope, European stakeholders will be able to discover and participate in the OBOR, so that a new Silk Road will be rebuilt between China and Europe.