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The “Belt and Road” initiative or One Belt One Road (OBOR) is a development programme launched by China in 2013. The “Belt and Road”‘s main objectif is to rebuild the Silk Route and boost exchanges between China and Europe. OBOR also aims at enhance development in Central Asia, Middle East and Southern Asia.

The implementation  of  the”Belt and Road” programme requires the construction and improvement of infrastructures (roads, railways, airports, ports) in Asia.

The OBOR has two components: “the economic belt of the Silk Road” (one belt) and “the 21st  century Silk Road” (one road).

While the priority of this strategy is to intensify trade between China, Asia and Europe, the OBOR also includes a social and cultural component, and has the ambition to strengthen tourism, cultural exchanges and health prevention between the different regions . The OBOR project is complemented by various institutions such as the AIIB and “the Silk Road Fund” to finance infrastructures between China and Europe.