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OBOReurope operates as a go-between for European stakeholders and the “Belt and Road” initiative developers.


OBOReurope publishes reports and working papers on relations between the European Union and all the states involved in the “One Belt One Road” initiative.


OBOReurope organizes events and meetings between European stakeholders and OBOR experts in coordination with scholars and governments.

OBOReurope also announces conference calls on OBOR and Sino-European relations.


OBOReurope offers monitoring services to keep European decision makers informed about OBOR initiative’s developments.

Public affairs

OBOReurope’s main mission, in association with Cooperans, is to increase European stakeholders’ awareness about the opportunities offered by the “Belt and Road” initiative and influence public policies in order to better take into account the development of the OBOR.

OBOReurope also aims at enhancing Sino-European dialogue. OBOR-Europe is also committed to pass on European expectations to Chinese decision makers in order to strengthen the impact of the OBOR program on Sino-European relations.