OBOReurope aims to foster Sino-European relations in the “Belt and Road” initiative.

OBOReurope, One Belt One Road Europe, is a platform of cooperation and dialogue between European and Chinese stakeholders to promote the “One Belt One Road” programme.


The “One Belt One Road” initiative or “Belt and Road’” is a development strategy formulated by China to increase trade and cooperation between Europe, Asia and China by building or improving infrastructures.

The “Belt and Road” whose ultimate ambition is to revive the ancient Silk routes, has two components the land-based “economic belt” and “the maritime Silk road”.

To effectively increase trade along these routes, China plans to invest massively in infrastructures in transportation, energy, telecommunication networks in host countries. These investments will be supported by cooperation programmes to fight inequalities and promote sustainable development.

The OBOR and Europe

To be successful, the “One Belt One Road” initiative requires the active participation of both China and Europe. The economic belt and the maritime silk road connect the two regions.

This programme is an opportunity for Europeans to strengthen their relations with China, and create a long lasting partnership between the two powers.

The OBOR will also bring more stability and development to Asia (Central Asia, Middle-East) which will also benefit European stakeholders.

The European institutions may bring their expertise in conducting local development programmes along the new silk routes.


OBOReurope promotes the OBOR programme in Europe and  coordinates European stakeholders’ answers to the “Belt and Road” initiative.

OBOReurope will share with European stakeholders the latest developments of the “Belt and Road” initiative and keep their informed about policies related to the implementation of the OBOR.

OBOReurope will also represent European interests to China and states involved in the “Belt and Road” initiative.

OBOReurope is a service offered by Cooperans, a public affairs consultancy.

Welcome to OBOReurope!
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