On September 13, 2017, the University of Oxford inaugurated the first research programme dedicated to the Belt and Road initiative in Europe.

This program led by Prof. Denis Galligan, Faculty of Law, will focus on the laws and trade agreements regulating the new Silk Roads.

The development  of the “Belt and Road Initiative” is not limited to the construction of roads and railways. Trade and investment between in the counties of the new Silk Roads will require the adoption of common rules to ensure the smooth functioning of the Belt and Road initiative.

Researchers involved in this program will identify the possible challenges that participants of  the Belt and Road initiative may encounter, and will formulate recommendations to facilitate exchanges.

This program led by the University of Oxford shows the growing interest in the Belt and Road initiative in Europe. OBOReurope encourages  other European research centers to work on the new challenges posed by this initiative.

A Belt and Road initiative research programme at Oxford
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