The Belt and Road Summit 2020 will take place in Dubai, UAE on 15 & 16 April 2020. This event will highlight the role of Dubai and the UAE in the New Silk Road.

Dubai and the Silk Road Strategy

The Belt and Road Initiative is sometimes considered a purely Chinese project; however, the BRI is open to the world, and some countries have made smart choices in connecting the BRI with their own connectivity plan this is the case of Dubai and its Silk Road Strategy.

Dubai has been transforming itself for a few decades now, and has become major international hub in logistics and a financial centre that serves the Gulf and the world. Cooperation between China and the UAE has growing larger and is not limited to oil and gas. Dubai and the Emirates have become  a Chinese friendly destination for visitors, as Chinese citizens do not need visa to enter the UAE. Dubai and its companies such as DP World are deeply involved in the realisation of the BRI.    

In March 2019, Sheikh Hamdan, the crown prince of Dubai gave his approval to Dubai Silk Road Strategy. This plan focuses mainly on logistics by developing air and sea freight and enhancing co-modality.  According to this strategy, 33 projects will be conducted to increase the diversification of Dubai’s economy. Free zones will of course be part of this strategy.

Dubai’s authorities have understood the opportunities that the Belt and Road Initiative can bring to their city and are keen to link their own development strategy with China’s global connectivity plan. This strategy may be a model for other cities and countries.

The Summit

During this two-day-event, policy makers, entrepreneurs, experts and academics from all around the world will discuss the opportunities and challenges posed by the Belt and Road Initiative; they will exchange ideas about how to enhance connectivity along the new Silk road.

Belt and Road Summit 2020 is organised by ODO (Apollo Group). OBOReurope is proud to be an association partner of Belt and Road Summit 2020.

More information about this event may be found here.

Call for Conference: Belt and Road Summit 2020, 15 & 16 April, Dubai
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