From September 3rd to 5th 2017, the 9th BRICS summit will be held in Xiamen. The BRICS are the association of the five major emerging economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.) The five powers will seek to expand their trade.

It will also be an opportunity for the Chinese and Indian Presidents to discuss bilaterally their disagreements over the Doklam region.

China also invited leaders from other states such as Guinea, Mexico, Thailand, and Tajikistan to attend the BRICS+ Summit.

The leaders of Tajikistan did not attend the Belt and Road initiative summit in May 2017. It is likely that the Belt and Road initiative will also be discussed at this meeting. Tajikistan could play a major role in the development of trade between China, Europe and the Middle East thanks to its strategic position. Tajikistan, a landlocked state, has mich to gain from the establishment of the new Silk Roads. The country had suffered from a long civil war since1992 to 1997 that devastated all its infrastructure, and today the country needs more stability because of its proximity to Afghanistan.

The Belt and Road initiative will surely  create new opportunities in Tajikistan.

Tajikistan at the 9th BRICS summit
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